We have six series of analogue cables, all top of the range.

Power Chords

Our power cords comes in four different executions with plugs
that fit both US and Schuko standards.


Our digital cables comes with several different connectors.



The word "unity" has several meanings: "The state or quality of being one," and "the state or quality of being in accord and harmony." Of course, in mathematics, unity means "number one."

The Unity cables replace the No. 1 cables, which have been in production nearly eight years.

In design, the Unity cables are totally different from the No. 1 cables. In all aspects, the Unity is a better cable, for about the same price.

The Unity cables had their premier at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas, but the cables used there were the final prototypes. The first show in which production versions of the Unity cables can be heard will be in Munich, at High End 2011 in May.

While the technology for the Unity cables is borrowed from both the Prime and Origo series and the No. 1/No. 2 series, the look and sound is closer to that of Origo/Prime than No. 1/No. 2. That is why the Unity cables will be the third series that have wooden parts like the Origo and Prime series, this time maple, with copper labels.


Unity awards

Stereotimes Most Wanted Components 2011 Award

Unity RCA

Unity RCA

Unity XLR

Unity XLR