We have seven series of analogue cables, all top of the range.

Power Chords

Our power cords comes in four different executions with plugs
that fit both US and Schuko standards.


Our digital cables comes with several different connectors.

Prime singlewired


Our loudspeaker cables and interconnects are composed
of copper of the best
possible quality.


We decided to use this material after experimentation with many other materials, as well as with other copper configurations. Copper delivers the most neutral, transparent, and natural musical signal. All cables employs the purest possible copper. This purity do not only refer to oxygen, but to ALL polluting materials and metals. All conductors are subjected to a spark test using 6000 V impulse tension before we use them to produce our cables.


The dielectric of all Jorma Design cables is made of the purest, non coloured Teflon. The connectors we use are very carefully selected for the best sound quality. Where solder is used, it is also carefully selected for the same reason. The connectors for all cables ecept No.3 are assembled with gold-plated copper crimps, with no solder employed.

In addition to the use of the finest materials in all aspects of their design, the unique structure of Jorma Design cables contributes to their natural sound. The filling in the conductors is a special ceramic glass fibre, with threads that is ultra thin. Inside the conductors are hundreds of these fibres, and around the fibres are thin copper threads wound exactly in parallel. The conductor therefore forms a tube that has a wall thickness between 0.07 - 0.1 mm, depending on which series of our cables it is. We found that the thinner the tube is, the better-sounding results it gives. However, by itself, such a thin copper tube is not sufficiently stable for normal use. The solution was to employ the ceramic fibre filler to get as close as possible to the tube form. While it is very difficult to produce conductors in this way, the finished product is very hard to damage.

Jorma Design cables employ sophisticated shielding to reject radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), and to stabilize the cables against vibration and micro phonics. The shielding for all Jorma Design cables (except No. 3 speaker cables) is heavily shielded, tin-plated copper that works very effectively in combination with the special geometry of the conductors to ensure that up to 98% of the incoming and outgoing RFI and EMI are removed without any compromise to the audio signal.

One question that is frequently asked about Jorma Design cables is: Why are they so thin? For that price, shouldn’t they be thick and heavy? The problem with taking diameter as an indicator of quality is that making Jorma Design cables thicker would adversely affect the sound. We have found that using the least amount of the insulation that surround the conductors results in the best sound. If we were to use more than is absolutely necessary to make the finished product strong, safe, and long lasting, it would degrade the sound. That is why our cables look as they do.